Blanket Distribution

At LGG Marketing we hire fit and athletic distributors (distribution athletes) who move quickly & efficiently from door to door distributing your promotional material. Blanket distributions are a cost effective way of targeting a large number of households within a clustered area.

Whatever your requirements, whether you wish to skip out flats or council properties at LGG marketing we conduct campaigns for a wide range of businesses across an assortment of industries and are sure we have just the solution for your distribution needs.

Generally our distribution athletes aim to hit a letterbox every 15 seconds increasing their productivity compared to distributors who walk and also increasing the scope of what we are able to do for you. Speed is important as it ensures we are able to offer you the best possible service at an affordable rate.

We ensure everything stays on track!

All of our distributions are managed by distribution coordinators and all of our distribution athletes are GPS tracked.

To demonstrate this, we invite you to participate in our “tag along” service, as part of our total transparency policy, we would like you to spend an hour or so with our teams so you can see not just the live GPS in place but also all of our other systems/control measures.

Want more? Okay! After your distribution (normally within 72 hrs) we provide you with full detailed reports on the area we have covered for you, as well as the roads covered enabling you to track your responses & giving you data which can be used to plan future distributions or future marketing campaigns.

Important note: All of our distributions are SOLUS drops only, which means that your company’s marketing material will go out on its own. If you wish to conduct shared distributions please contact us for more information.

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Door 2 Door

Door to Door (D2D) is the most popular form of leaflet distribution used by businesses in the UK. The great thing about door 2 door is that you can cover a large number of households within your chosen area for a small outlay.

By using LGG marketing for your D2D distributions, you will be working with a team of individuals who have some of the best systems in the industry to ensure your job is completed efficiently, effectively & to your specification. We do not believe in cutting corners, never have & never will, your success is our success so you can rest assured we are always looking out for your best interests.

Business 2 Business

Are you a provider of products or services that are of interest to other businesses? If so then you should consider a business to business (B2B) distribution. Our well trained athletes will deliver your leaflets to the types of businesses that match your target audience.

We use the best mapping software available and through this we are able to build maps and catchment areas solely focusing on the type of businesses that you want to target. Using the same system we use with D2D distributions, your team of distribution athletes come with a distribution co-ordinator who provides support & assistance to the athletes throughout the day as well as verifies businesses & mapping data with regards to your B2B campaign.

Just like our Street Promo distribution team, our athletes can wear any company branded clothing you provide as well as deliver any taglines you would like to associate with your business.

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