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Leaflet Distribution in Romford, RM1

Your next door to door leaflet distribution in Romford may flourish by targeting residents in the RM1 area. Our leaflet distribution teams deliver leaflets to residents by posting through letterboxes in a fast and efficient manor. A benefit for using LGG on your next leaflet distribution is that we have the capacity to provide a large scope of coverage in a short amount of time. Our flyer distribution teams cover all over London, daily. If you want your company to reap the rewards of a direct market campaign then feel free to enquire today.

Romford is a significant regional town. It now forms one of the largest commercial, retail, entertainment and leisure districts outside Central London and the town centre has a developed night time economy. The rejuvenation of Romford has drawn a younger generation but the district still has a large percentage of recently retirees.

Romford – RM1

Households: ~8,500

Households + Businesses: ~9,100

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London Borough:

Household Types:

Leaflet Distribution Romford, RM1 Property Type Percentage Graph
  • RM1 1
  • RM1 2
  • RM1 3
  • RM1 4

Key distribution points when using LGG Marketing:

Capacity to distribute 120,000 each day

We work Monday-Sunday, no extra charge for a weekend distribution

Tag-along on the day of distribution

Live GPS Tracked

Non-distributing Manager on each 10,000 distribution

Report after distribution

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