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Leaflet Distribution in Highbury, N5

Using our excellent state of the art mapping software, we can plan and execute either a targeted or a blanket leaflet distribution campaign in Highbury, N5. Highbury, N5, is an affluent district in North London and falls within the London Borough of Islington.There are many young professionals and families living within Highbury so a door to door leafleting campaign could produce a fantastic ROI for companies operating in the education sector, the fast food and service industries.

Highbury – N5

Households: ~11,000

Households + Businesses: ~11,500

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Further Leaflet Distribution Information for Highbury, N5



London Borough:

Household Types:

Leaflet Distribution Highbury, N5 Property Type Percentage Graph
  • N5 1
  • N5 2

Key distribution points when using LGG Marketing:

Capacity to distribute 120,000 each day

We work Monday-Sunday, no extra charge for a weekend distribution

Tag-along on the day of distribution

Live GPS Tracked

Non-distributing Manager on each 10,000 distribution

Report after distribution

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