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Leaflet Distribution in Hayes, Harlington – UB3

Are you looking for a reliable trustworthy leaflet distribution team to do your direct market campaign in Hayes, Harlington? Here at LGG we pride ourselves on providing all of our clients a hassle free, transparent service. Rest assured we have implemented protocols to provide state of the art, controlled leaflet distributions.

Hayes and Harlington is heavily involved with industry, both local and international. Nearby Heathrow Airport is the largest single provider of employment for residents. It presence generate numerous associated businesses –  retail, international distribution and cargo – handling among them.

Hayes, Harlington – UB3

Households: ~16,000

Households + Businesses: ~16,800

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Further Leaflet Distribution Information for Hayes, Harlington – UB3



London Borough:

Household Types:

Leaflet Distribution Hayes Harlington UB3 Property Type Percentage Graph
  • UB3 1
  • UB3 2
  • UB3 3
  • UB3 4
  • UB3 5

Key distribution points when using LGG Marketing:

Capacity to distribute 120,000 each day

We work Monday-Sunday, no extra charge for a weekend distribution

Tag-along on the day of distribution

Live GPS Tracked

Non-distributing Manager on each 10,000 distribution

Report after distribution

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