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Leaflet Distribution in Eltham, Mottingham, Avery Hill – SE9

Our door to door leaflet distribution teams can run reliable letterbox distributions in Eltham SE9. The area is a predominately white working class district that is broken into Eltham, Mottingham and Avery Hill. All type of industries target SE9 with a direct market campaign because of the high response rate to a leaflet through a letterbox. We always advise our clients to ensure their marketing material is  visually appealing and has a sense of intrigue to maximize retention. This is your opportunity to be creative with your promotion and brand awareness flyer. Capture the eye of a local resident in Eltham area by using one of our reliable leaflet distribution teams.

Eltham, Mottingham, Avery Hill – SE9

Households: ~25,500

Households + Businesses: ~26,000

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Further Leaflet Distribution Information for Eltham, Mottingham, Avery Hill – SE9



London Borough:

Household Types:

Leaflet Distribution Eltham SE9 Property Type Percentage Graph
  • SE9 1
  • SE9 2
  • SE9 3
  • SE9 4
  • SE9 5
  • SE9 6

Key distribution points when using LGG Marketing:

Capacity to distribute 120,000 each day

We work Monday-Sunday, no extra charge for a weekend distribution

Tag-along on the day of distribution

Live GPS Tracked

Non-distributing Manager on each 10,000 distribution

Report after distribution

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