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Leaflet Distribution in Clayhall, IG5

Check out if the residents in Clayhall is the right target audience for your next leaflet distribution.  Contact our team to find out further information on IG5 and other IG postcodes to ensure that you’re maximizing your potential return on investment. Selecting the area that best suits your company needs is a vital step in the success of a direct market campaign. Our experience and in depth analysis of an area will help your next door to door leaflet distribution.

Clayhall – IG5

Households: ~6,000

Households + Businesses: ~6,000

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Further Leaflet Distribution Information for Clayhall, IG5



London Borough:

Household Types:

Leaflet Distribution Clayhall IG5 Property Type Percentage Graph
  • IG5 0

Key distribution points when using LGG Marketing:

Capacity to distribute 120,000 each day

We work Monday-Sunday, no extra charge for a weekend distribution

Tag-along on the day of distribution

Live GPS Tracked

Non-distributing Manager on each 10,000 distribution

Report after distribution

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