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What is the Green Guide magazine?

We are excited to announce that we’re launching a residential magazine across the entire Croydon Borough, January 2023. The Green Guide will provide residents with up-to-date information, local message and an easy to use business directory. It’s important to us that the magazine focusses on residents which is why inside every issue there will be a local events page, borough map that highlights key locations, a list of your local councillors, featured articles, puzzles, vouchers, giveaways and much much more. If you’re looking to promote your business or upcoming event then the Green Guide publication may be an ideal marketing method for your business.

Sections in the Green Guide
  • An index and contents page, and convenient, easy-to-use tabs that enable readers to identify content quickly
  • A borough map showing where important transport and emergency services can be located in the local area
  • An events calendar detailing upcoming events and activities in the local area
  • Featured articles that focus on local businesses and spotlight on individuals within the borough
  • A vouchers page containing exclusive offers and discounts
  • A puzzle page containing exciting activities for the old and young
  • A list of councillors help residents locate their elected chairperson
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Green Guide Magazine 

Advantages of working together with the Green Guide team for your marketing needs rather than traditional local publications

Why Advertise Within Green Guide?

A local magazine enables you to communicate directly to potential customers in the local area.

Increases Exposure

Although the internet is packed full of marketing noise, which we generally filter, a magazine only has a few advertisements per page. Thus, when advertising in a magazine, exposure increases substantially.

Local Trusted and Reliable

As the advertisement is placed inside a trusted and reliable local magazine, which provides important sources of local information, readers are likely to display higher levels of trust.

Reach new Audiences

In printed magazines, your adverts can reach new audiences, particularly local residents who do not regularly access online content.

Residents Focused

This magazine focuses on residents and aims to provide them with important information and messages. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the readership of the magazine

FREE Premium Listing

As well as creating a listing in the Green Guide magazine, businesses will also be given a FREE premium listing in the Green Guide online local directory. This will direct more traffic to you and ensure your company’s position as a key player in the local area that is well-known to local residents.

Excellent & Cost-effective

Although it differs on the volumes used, the Green Guide will be an excellent, cost-effective addition to your marketing mix.
Green Guide magazine will be posted to residential households across an entire London Borough. This could be an ideal high exposure, low cost marketing approach for your business.

Benefits of using Green Guide

Over the last 7 years, Local Green Guide Ltd/LGG Marketing has been operating as a leaflet design, print and distribution company throughout the country. Our dedicated management has been working in the distribution industry for more than 3 decades and works collaboratively with various local authorities, communication companies and well-known national brands.

The Green Guide Magazine is a one-stop-shop for design, print and distribution, giving residents and businesses a single point of contact, reducing stress and giving you are more fluid, more streamlined marketing process.

Typically, it is believed that it takes around 3 seconds to grab a person’s attention with a leaflet design. Thus, it is important that the leaflet contains individualized, personal messages. Subsequently, the resident will decide to either keep or discard the leaflet. The Green Guide is a high-end quality printed magazine with has many useful features for residents, thus it is designed to ensure that residents keep it. Residents are less likely to discard the leaflet if it looks appealing and will keep it for future reference as it brings convenience into their everyday lives.

It is usually the case that, when canvassing local houses, you will have to deal with complaints pertaining to distribution, most of which have nothing to do with the brand or services offered. When advertising in the Green Guide, however, this is not the case. In fact, residents will get in touch with the Green Guide customer service team if they have any complaints with distribution. Our friendly, professional customer service team will respond and resolve any complaints that may arise.

The Green Guide campaign can be accessed via the online portal system, where you can locate daily reports, local distribution maps and other information pertaining to distribution that can enable local residents to track and calculate responses.

For every publication made, the Green Guide team re-plant trees to ensure that they are being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Thus, the team are making significant efforts to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

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Green Guide Premium Pages

In every Magazine issue will have a few premium pages that could place your advert at forefront of the readers gaze.

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Green Guide Magazine

Maximise your potential return by choosing the right advert size and design for your business.

Advert Design

  • Readers and customers want an advert to catch their eye and we recommend that your advert consists of content that a reader can gain useful information from. To maximise your exposure we recommend that your advert;
  • Be original
  • Contain high-quality images and content
  • Insightful content with the subliminal impact of selling a product or service

Advert Sizes

We offer a range of advert sizes for every budget;

  • Premium Pages (148 x 210 mm)
  • Double Spread (297 x 420 mm)
  • A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • A5 (148 x 210 mm)
  • A6 (105 x 148 mm)
  • Vouchers (105 x 74.25 mm)

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