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The story behind our company name, Local Green Guide Ltd

   The three founding partners at Local Green Guide Ltd have decades of experience in the door to door leaflet distribution industry. They wanted to see the mission of their business being reflected in the company’s name. Our mission, to have a LOCAL London based

Consultation SPARKS Communication

A public consultation is an ideal avenue for marketing or communication companies to broadcast public announcements, traffic restrictions, road closures, government notifications or any important local changes or development to residents.  At LGG, we are able to build and execute your campaign hassle-free and efficiently.

Power of Shared Distribution

Every business has a marketing budget but we understand that every budget varies. Why should you miss out on increasing your sales or attracting new clients to your business if you don’t have a massive marketing budget? A shared leaflet distribution in London can be

Leaflet Distributor Job Benefits

Are you thinking of working alongside your studies? Starting a part time job is a super common way to dip your toe into earning money without taking up too much time.  At LGG Marketing you have the ability to decide which days you’re available to

Still operating during Covid-19 Pandemic!

We have and will continue to operate and post leaflets, flyers, magazines, newsletters, public consultation material to residents throughout London and surrounding areas during the Covid-19 pandemic. Direct marketing methods such as leaflet distribution is a low cost, effective marketing approach especially during a lockdown