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How to get more clients for your beauty salon

LGG Marketing can be an ideal marketing solution for your beauty salon. We can help you advertise your products and services directly to local residents and get your leaflet into the hands of new or existing customers. Door to door leaflet distributions can have a

Seasonal Offerings for Door-to-Door Distributions

Christmas is the busiest time of year especially for retail. We are all out shopping to find that perfect gift, planning festive events, looking for that drink that will calm the nerves and warm the body. To maximise exposure and draw in business this holiday

Solus vs. Shared Door to Door Distribution

There is often a debate within the distribution industry about the best delivery method for door to door marketing, delivering one leaflet at a time (Solus Distribution) or delivering multiple leaflets through each door (Shared Distribution). What is a Solus distribution and what are the

Boost your brand exposure and sales this Autumn

The temperature has begun to drop, foliage litters the ground and darkness is creeping in, but don’t let the season vibe dampen your marketing these Autumn months. There are plenty of marketing options and seasonal trends available so that you can capitalise and reach new

Why choose LGG Marketing for your next door drop?

With LGG Marketing, you can be assured that your leaflet will reach your target audience at the right time and place. Here are a few key factors that you should consider when planning your direct marketing campaign. Design and Print of your flyer or leaflet

Launch of Local Green Guide Magazine

January 2023 is the release date for the first issue of the Local Green Guide Croydon magazine. The publication will be a high quality A4 residential magazine that will be delivered to residents throughout the London Borough of Croydon. The quarterly local resident magazine will