Bespoke Distributions

We have the systems, infrastructure, tools and workforce to enable us to execute your bespoke leaflet distribution campaign. All we’ll do is calculate what we need in terms of resources, tools & time and quote you accordingly.

We have conducted many different types of bespoke distribution campaigns on behalf of our very satisfied clients from placing vehicle servicing hooks on Mercedes benz or BMW cars to posting water bottles & collecting them the day after for a water purification company.

Our neighbors in the Unit next to us in our business park have a new state of the art, patented way of double glazing your property at up to 80% cheaper than conventional double glazing techniques. They asked us over 10 months ago to conduct bespoke leaflet distribution campaigns for them that involve posting only to single glazed properties among other things and after only their 1st two campaigns they were fully booked for over 4 months and their new business has taken off.

Reforestation and Environment Policy

Now that you have a basic understanding of carbon offsetting, as mentioned previously and based on the industry we are in i.e leaflet distribution, and various other forms of marketing, we at LGG Marketing have decided to offset our carbon footprint and that of our clients, local councils and local residents by supporting as well as PARTICIPATING in various reforestation programs.

At present we support and work with The Woodland Trust in the UK as well as Green Pop and The Eden Projects worldwide. Please click on any of their labels below to find out more about what they do as well as to help contribute towards the reforestation programs yourselves, it’s easier than you think and if you would like to speak to us about volunteering or getting more involved in any of the reforestation programs then please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact us page or alternatively you can contact the various initiatives directly.

Eco Friendly

At LGG Marketing we believe in being eco-friendly and have branded ourselves in healthy, rich, replenishing GREEN. As such we constantly engage in eco-friendly habits on a day to day basis such as using programmable thermostats so we only use heating or cooling when the premises is occupied as well as using recycled paper for internal printing.

Please watch this space as we shall begin to list eco-friendly habits for all i.e both for residents as well as businesses to look at and see which you can apply to your day to day