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How to get more clients for your beauty salon

LGG Marketing can be an ideal marketing solution for your beauty salon. We can help you advertise your products and services directly to local residents and get your leaflet into the hands of new or existing customers. Door to door leaflet distributions can have a higher engagement rate compared to online marketing where advertisements compete for attention due to its high saturation.

A leaflet distribution is one of the best advertisement techniques for any business. Here are a few tips for your beauty salon on how to increase your customer base and establish a recognisable brand in your area using a leaflet distribution:

  1. Promotions – Everyone loves a discount
  2. Vibrant design and quality print
  3. Repetition is key – deliver on a regular basis
  4. Local focus – target households closest to your salon
  5. Budget – Dedicate monthly marketing allowance
  6. Select a distribution company with a good reputation


The message and content on your leaflet need to attract customers and compel them to respond to your leaflet. A promotion or deal can be the necessary push that a resident need to drop by or call up your salon. Creating a cost effective package or bundle that is exclusive to a leaflet may draw in a new client and help you gauge the response of your leaflet distribution campaign.

  • Run a short time offer on laser hair treatment
  • Provide a discounted price on a pre-set amount of filler
  • Package manicure and pedicure together at an unbelievable price 

Promote a product or service that appeals to the masses and once you have caught their attention then showcase the wide variety of products and services you have available. 

Vibrant design and quality print

Leaflet design is an important component of your campaign’s success, both in terms of aesthetics and message. The design will be the driving force that interacts with the resident and prompts them to respond. You need to catch their eye with vibrant colours, images or a money saving promotion.

The quality of your print can have a psychological impact on the individual that is holding your leaflet. They may deduce and associate factors about your business based on the quality of your leaflet i.e. if your leaflet is on thick card stock and have a premium quality then the resident may associate that your business is a high-end product or service. 

LGG Marketing can help you with printing your leaflets as we print hundreds of thousands of pieces of media every month and can beat over 83% of quotes presented to us. If you need a design, print and distribution package we will be glad to assist you.

Deliver on a regular basis

Brand awareness and repeat business provides a strong foundation for a healthy business. To help create this framework for your beauty salon consider a leaflet distribution every week or month. Each cycle you can change your marketing message whilst reinforcing your presence and brand to local residents i.e.  one month/week promote your manicure service, then the next round promotes a laser treatment special. Your leaflet being delivered to the same addresses on a regular basis can be a re-enforcement of your business and a friendly reminder to use your services.

If, however, your beauty salon reaches a critical stage or has just opened in a new location, an intensified multi-drop campaign can be very effective for your business.

Local focus

A leaflet distribution campaign’s greatest advantage is its ability to deliver your leaflets to every home in your local area. Your distribution strategy should be based on the areas where your clients are concentrated, also depending on the location of your salon. If you have a service that is expense i.e. laser treatment, hair extensions, eye brow tattoos, then you may want your leaflet distributed to affluent areas. LGG Marketing can guide you in distribution area because we can base the area on your target demographics.  


Every company needs a marketing budget to succeed. Firstly, work out what your monthly marketing budget is, and then we can help provide a campaign proposal based on your budget. You may decide to do a shared distribution but in a higher frequency or a solus distribution but target a larger household count. To decide whether to use Solus or Shared distribution for your beauty salon, you must first distinguish between the two. Leaflets delivered under shared distribution are delivered in combination with one or two other non-competing leaflets. Whilst a solus distribution provides you the flexibility to choose your area and date because it’s just your leaflet that is posted through the letterbox.

 Select a distribution company with a good reputation

For your door to door leaflet distribution campaign to succeed, you must ensure that your delivery company is reliable and transparent. Using the most professional, well-trained, and trustworthy distributors, LGG Marketing provides a trusted door-to-door leaflet distribution service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0203 773 5835 if you’re interested in advertising your beauty salon.