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Magazine advertising and why you should add it to your marketing mix

With the fast-approaching launch of the Local Green Guide magazine, we wanted to provide you with some helpful insights into why magazine advertising is a good marketing approach for your business.

Printed media isn’t dead, on the contrary door to door leafleting is still a useful marketing approach with the annual door drop report from DMA providing insightful feedback and highlights, that the visibility and high cut-through rate of leafleting is still high.

The Green Guide magazine will be a premium A4 publication that is distributed across an entire London Borough. The focus is on residents, each issue will be filled with useful information and key points along with a selected number of advertorials and a business directory of local services and products.

If you have never tried magazine advertising or would like a scalable opportunity for your brand here are a few distinguishing factors about the Green Guide magazine.

Reach a large audience

Green Guide magazine will be distributed by our own trained and professional door drop teams. The magazine will be delivered to people’s houses across an entire London Borough which means a very high circulation. Choosing to advertise with us will mean that you can reach a wide local audience without any filtering or having to count on people buying the publication, The Green Guide magazine is completely free to residents. If you want to engage new customers or update existing customers about what is happening with your company, then a publication such as this could be the perfect marketing avenue for your business.

High quality publication

The Green Guide will be high-quality A4 magazine printed on premium paper. We want the inside pages to stand out to residents so we recommend advertisers to create an eye capturing design filled with colours, images and useful content. When people look through a magazine, they take their time to do it. They usually are in relaxed and quiet atmosphere, having their coffee or tea. This is your chance to catch their attention. It could be a smart move if you create your ad as an advertorial. Advertorials are a great way to keep readers engaged with your content and enable you to explain your company history, future plans and available products or services.

People trust in print

The unrelenting exposure to information, videos and advertisements whilst online can be overwhelming. To cut through the noise and have a longer imprint with new or existing clients then a print marketing approach may be more beneficial for your business. Magazine advertisements can be a great platform to build confidence in your business and increase your brand recognition. The Green Guide magazine can boost your business exposure and connect you with actual people as its delivered directly to local residents in a borough.

Long-lasting exposure

Green Guide magazine will be distributed quarterly across a borough, you will pay once, and your ad is active for whole three months. The magazine will be filled with useful features and interesting content which will make it valuable to local residents, increasing retention of the issue. As a trend magazine typically have longer shelf life because people store them, collect them, share them with friends and family. A reader takes their time looking through the publication and often refers back, which provides reinforcement of your brand. Your ad is there every time someone opens the issue.

Our focus is to create long-lasting relationship between local residents and businesses and your involvement will help create a pathway for community growth. Our flagship magazine, Green Guide Croydon is set to launch 2023. If you are a Croydon based business or operate in the London Borough of Croydon, then try a magazine advertisement as part of your marketing mix.

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