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Solus vs. Shared Door to Door Distribution

There is often a debate within the distribution industry about the best delivery method for door to door marketing, delivering one leaflet at a time (Solus Distribution) or delivering multiple leaflets through each door (Shared Distribution).

What is a Solus distribution and what are the advantages?

Essentially, Solus distribution refers to the distribution of just your leaflet through a letterbox.

If you deliver your leaflet on its own, it won’t be mixed or potential hidden within other leaflets. This provides maximum exposure with the resident, allowing you to interact with resident more effectively. A benefit of solus leaflet distribution is visibility, the resident isn’t distracted and should pay more attention to your leaflet – your leaflet has a greater chance of being seen by potential customers. Visibility is vital in a competitive market and you want to give your marketing message the best chance to be seen.  

Door to door delivery models vary per distribution company but solus delivery typically provides you the flexibility to have your leaflets posted wherever you want at any time. An advantage of this method is that you can bespoke your distribution area, expand to a hard-to-reach area or target your specific audience in a refined and quick process. There is no waiting around and you can create a tailored marketing approach for your business.

What is a Shared distribution and what are the advantages?

Shared distribution is a delivery process of multiple leaflets being posted through a letterbox at the same time. Shared distribution is an extremely attractive solution because it’s a cost-effective marketing approach for companies with a small budget. The price per thousand is cheaper compared to a solus campaign therefore a shared distribution affords a company the ability to increase their volume of leaflets being delivered.

If your door to door campaign is flexible on delivery date a shared model may be an ideal match for you because it eases you into door to door marketing at a low delivery cost. The first step in a start up is to ensure that you notify residents of your presence and services and a shared distribution affords you the possibility to reach out to new and existing customers in a cost-effective manor.   

Whichever option you choose our door-to-door leaflet distribution service ensures that your job is completed efficiently, effectively, and according to your specifications. LGG Marketing has one of the best door to door delivery systems in the industry and our distributors are experienced professionals at distributing leaflets.

Rest assured on any shared distribution LGG Marketing never include potentially competing clients. For example, there will never be two of the same companies within the same industry being posted by our delivery teams.

Contact or call us today to get started with your leaflet distribution campaign.