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Boost your brand exposure and sales this Autumn

The temperature has begun to drop, foliage litters the ground and darkness is creeping in, but don’t let the season vibe dampen your marketing these Autumn months.

There are plenty of marketing options and seasonal trends available so that you can capitalise and reach new audiences to allow your brand to shine golden, this season.

Schools Back!

Families are back home and settled into routine and normality of everyday life. Summer holidays are over, and families are looking for services to keep their children engaged and assist in their comprehension of educational matters. Why not reach out to these families looking for afterschool activities?  If you own a tuition, sports activities or club and would like to expand your customer base, a door to door leaflet distribution may be a cost-effective way to reach a large volume of residents for any marketing budget.  

Posting leaflets door to door to local residents is one of the most popular marketing strategy. It’s a great way to target customers and get your marketing message directly into the hands of new customers.

Fix Property Problems  

Winter is knocking on the door and autumn is the best season to fix any niggles your property has. Autumn is the time to replace or patch your roof, clean your gutters, upgrade your windows to trap in the heat and also to fix any leakage your home may have. Winter is coming… and the winter weather could damage your property if you don’t fix these minor problems. If you operate in any of these industries than arrange a door to door leaflet distribution campaign to capture the homeowners that need work done on their property. Think about the tone of your leaflet and ensure it reflects creditability, professionalism and provide informative messages for potential customers. Just like leaflet distribution companies, trust and transparency is a must, if you want to thrive and have a successful leaflet distribution campaign keep this in mind.

Spooky Season

Halloween themed parties are very popular. Home décor, catering and seasonal discounts can help stimulate interest in your business. Run a letterbox drop simultaneous with your online marketing for a double punch marketing approach. Directing customers to your online profile will support and prompt them to take action.  

Parties aren’t for everyone, and ‘autumnal cosiness’ has changed the way many families utilise their free time during this season. You will find many people at home snuggled into throw blankets watching scary movies and snacking on treats. Use this time to accommodate these residents by letting them know that your service can deliver directly to their door. A product that provides the user with a sense of ease and convenience can boost sales. Attract the attention of your audience and prompt them to take action by creating a vibrant, on-theme design.

Pre-Christmas Sale

Yes, we said it! The word starts floating about and we will all ponder when the appropriate time is to mention this elusive word. Christmas. Early birds like to be organised and stay ahead of the madness whilst others just get excited about the whimsical, joyous season. We all question when the right time is to start discussing and planning this event but for business owners you must stay ahead of social behaviour to maximise returns. A pre-Christmas sale gives you a chance to clear your shelves to make room for incoming Christmas merchandise or even give you major head start with the competition. A leaflet distribution whether hand to hand or door to door will help you broadcast your promotion and if your leaflet design has a redeemable aspect, it can help produce a successful campaign, because we all want a bargain especially new customers.      

If you want to promote your brand this Autumn contact us today or call 0203 773 5835.