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Leaflet distribution – a timeless marketing approach for Estate Agents

As in any other business sector, consistent marketing is key for Estate Agents. London is filled with Estate Agents and to be at the top of your game and grow in the property market “jungle”, a door-to-door campaign combined with online marketing delivers maximum exposure, double punch approach/strategy.

Door-to-door leaflet distribution has and still is one of the most cost-effective and direct forms of advertisement used by Estate Agents. The reason why you should use this marketing approach is simply because it exposes your brand to a large audience at a fraction of the cost. Your potential clients are usually located near your agency and with a leaflet drop you can directly reach them.

With a regular leaflet drop you benefit from constant brand awareness, and you can keep your potential clients informed about important updates and events such as recent property sales or free valuation days or other community events you may choose to host. You can create a strong connection with the local residents and even if they don`t plan to sell/let/buy a property right now, they know who they can turn to when they need to.

As leaflet distribution is still one of the most cost-effective marketing approaches even companies with a smaller advertising budget can achieve great results. Need a more refined direct marketing option? A letterbox delivery can be targeted by various socio-economic data points or you can personalise a direct mailer.  We at LGG Marketing can help you create and execute a marketing campaign personalised to your needs.

We have vast experience working with Estate Agents and we understand the needs and demands of the industry.

First. we can help you with an eye-catching design – first impressions are everything! Clear image and a simple message is important. The design and print must be spot on – that`s what helps residents decide whether or not to keep the leaflet. Think about your print, thicker card stock can instils to the resident, trust and demonstrate you are a premium brand that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Second. Select the right door to door distribution service that suits your needs and budget.

A Solus leaflet distribution gives you the advantage of just your leaflet being dropped through the letterbox. It will get all the attention of the recipient, no other leaflets being dropped at the same time, which can cause distraction. Our experience shows that solus distributions have higher response rates. 

We can also offer you a bespoke leaflet distribution – to cover pre-selected roads or target specific addresses – we have the in-house tools to create a campaign based on your marketing needs.

Finally, use a company you can trust. Our experienced and reliable distribution teams will deliver your message quickly and efficiently. All distributions are GPS tracked and once the campaign is complete we will provide you with a full report highlighting which roads were canvassed. If you are an Estate agent and you haven`t tried a leaflet distribution with a professional company as part of your marketing campaign, do it now, don`t leave any gaps in your marketing strategy.

Don`t wait any longer – contact us today and begin your leaflet distribution campaign.