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Why choose LGG Marketing for your next door drop?

With LGG Marketing, you can be assured that your leaflet will reach your target audience at the right time and place. Here are a few key factors that you should consider when planning your direct marketing campaign.

  • Design and Print of your flyer or leaflet
  • The location that your leaflet is posted in London
  • How reliable and fast your door drop is conducted
  • The trackability of your door to door campaign

    Design and Printing Services

The design of your media is one of the most important aspects of your leaflet distribution campaign. You need to grab the resident’s attention quickly which can be done using vibrant colours, images, and give-away/special promotions. Here at LGG Marketing, we offer a wide range of bespoke graphic options, including branding, logo design and graphic design in numerous areas. Through our experience in the direct marketing industry, we can provide expert visual and textual content to our clients.

An opinion of a product or service can be gathered by the resident’s touch, the quality and size of your leaflet is a factor you should think carefully about. With strong business ties to the largest and most reputable printing organisations, we can beat most printing quotes from other companies. We can also provide you with a competitive price on any promotional material you need printed, whether it’s leaflets, magazines, business cards, or letters.

How to choose the best distribution location for your leaflets

The team at LGG Marketing will help you to decide which areas in London are most suitable for your leaflet door drop by considering your target audience demographics. We provide excellent customer service by matching our customers’ needs to the appropriate leaflet distribution service and budget. Our goal is to make every door-to-door flyer campaign successful and keep our clients satisfied and happy, the advice provided is free of charge.

Fast, motivated teams

As part of LGG Marketing’s recruitment process, we use professional recruitment platforms to ensure that we hire only the best distributors and managers. Our aim is to get a leaflet through a letterbox in a fast and efficient manor because the quicker the leaflet is posted through a letterbox the faster you could get an enquiry.

Live GPS tracking

All our distributions are live GPS tracked. We use a live GPS tracking system that delivers a live feed to our distribution co-ordinator and head office.


After completion of your leaflet distribution campaign, you will receive a full detailed report on the area we covered along with the roads we covered, enabling you to track your responses and giving you the data you need to plan future leaflet distributions and marketing campaigns.

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