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Why should I capitalise on growth during the summer months?

A common misconception for most companies is that summer is a bad time for advertising goods and services through door to door leaflet distribution because “the kids are off from school” or “everyone is away on holiday”. Well, you might not like what we are about to say but this could be a dangerous misconception. We are aware with everything that is currently going on that investing in your business can be a scary thought because there is a chance that you won’t see immediate returns but there are numerous reasons why we believe that you should continue to grow your brand and business throughout the summer months:

Consistency is key

We can not stress enough how a break in momentum could have a negative effect on your door to door marketing strategy. It is important to maintain consistency so that your target audience can know what to expect. We are not saying that if your business stops conducting leaflet drops you will need to start from zero but the connection to your audience could take a negative hit which could cost more to rebuild.

Still the most cost effective marketing strategy…

Door drops are a prime example of how offline leaflet distribution can drive online effects – According to the latest DMA Door Drop Report 2022, the proportion of web visits driven by door drops grew by 50%. The report also highlighted that there was a healthy return to volume growth in the market in 2021 but lower than average ad-spend which means if you’re willing to seize the opportunity and ramp up door drop activity whilst your competitors are less active you will enjoy a higher share of doormat and greater visibility in consumers’ homes.

Don’t forget your current customers

If you frequently conduct door drops throughout the year, then you risk alienating / losing current or regular customers who have come accustomed to receiving regular communications from you.

Don’t be a copycat, think outside the box! 

Your competitors have stopped marketing through door to door leaflet drops during the summer months so you should too, right? WRONG! Whilst your competition is cutting back and thinking short term, why are you not pushing on and potentially gaining some of the market share during the summer period?

“I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” – Not everyone is on holiday!

Your target audience could be sitting in their homes bored, undecided, waiting for you to communicate something to them that will break that boredom! Are you in the fast food industry? How about offering your target audience a summer special discount for collecting in person? Are you a business that runs outdoor events or activities? Residents are waiting to hear from you directly!

“Drop it like it’s hot”

The summer is the perfect opportunity to change your door drop strategy whether that is through using warmer colours in your leaflet design or providing “scorching deals and offers” that are exclusive to the summer period. This could be the perfect opportunity to reel in more interactions with your target audience.

Now, if all the above is somehow not enough to convince you to continue growing your business through door to door leaflet distribution in the summer months, then let us offer you something to sweeten the deal. For the rest of July and the whole month of August we are offering both new and existing customers a discount of 5% off our leaflet distribution services in London.

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