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4 reasons why you should combine your online marketing with a leaflet distribution campaign

Creating a successful marketing campaign is very important for every business, small or large. A good marketing mix should contain digital and direct marketing i.e. door to door leaflet distributions, to increase brand exposure to all demographics in London and the wider community. Promoting products and attracting new customers – this is how a business grows.

In this Digital era most companies conduct their marketing campaigns online – on TV, radio and social media platforms. But is this enough? Is this the most effective way to reach people and get a high response rate? The answer is no. For best results you should combine different marketing approaches. And what better way than combining digital marketing with the well-tried door-to-door flyer distribution.

If your London based company favours just one form of marketing then let us break down why a good marketing mix is the way forward. Here are 4 reasons why you should combine your online marketing campaign with a leaflet distribution campaign.

  1. Leaflets reach everyone – With an online marketing campaign you may reach more people but with a leaflet distribution campaign, you message is posted directly through letterboxes. While we do live in a digital world, there are still a lot of people that don`t use or don`t like to use current technology. If you combine your online campaign with a flyer posted through letterboxes, you ensure all of your targeted audience is covered.
  2. Leaflets are cost-effective – Door-to-door leaflet distribution is still one of the cheapest advertising methods. You can use a small part of your marketing budget on your leaflet distribution campaign to maximise return on investment. And if you add QR code, website and social media links to your leaflet`s design, you will drive more traffic to your online presence. Even more – leaflets are often shared with family and friends, which means that a single leaflet can give you more than one customer.
  3. Leaflets last longer – Online adverts have limited time on screen. Just a few seconds and they are gone. People must act instantly, or they quickly forget or lose what they have seen. Leaflets are longer-lasting – according to extensive research, carried by The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), ” 89% of consumers remember receiving a drop mailing – more than any other marketing channel, with 45% keeping leaflets on a pinboard or in the kitchen drawer”. Your business can have responses from a leaflet distribution campaign in weeks, if not months, after the distribution.
  4. Leaflets are direct – An online marketing campaign attracts clients from a distance, but if you want direct engagement with your local audience, a door-to door leaflet distribution is the best marketing technique. Leaflets are a perfect way to send a message to your local customers. A simple technique to track how successful your leaflet campaign is to add a discount code or voucher to the design. A combination of both methods guarantees you have a successful promotional campaign.

Our sales team can work with you and your budget to create a bespoke business marketing campaign. We, at LGG Marketing, are specialist in Door-to-door promotional distributions and if you are ready to benefit from a successful combined marketing campaign, contact us today!