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The story behind our company name, Local Green Guide Ltd

   The three founding partners at Local Green Guide Ltd have decades of experience in the door to door leaflet distribution industry. They wanted to see the mission of their business being reflected in the company’s name. Our mission, to have a LOCAL London based direct marketing company that GUIDES companies and organizations in their  goals to improve and grow their business whilst having an emphasis on the environment and implementing GREEN initiatives. 


  • Based in North London, Edmonton, N18, we can offer excellent work opportunities for residents to join our team. Posting flyers door to door is a great way to get paid whilst staying fit.
  • Clients can come to our head office to have an in person conversation and map out the area that they wish to have their leaflets distributed.
  • Often, as a local company, we have customers walk in and request a bespoke distribution and assistance during their distribution.
  • Locally owned businesses often desire their leaflets posted through letterboxes of residents within close proximity to their store and our professional door to door distribution teams can provide them a fast and efficient service.


  • We have put in place a reforestation program to do our part to care for the Earth. The program helps replenish the trees that have been cut down to produce the marketing media that we post door to door. Our objective to replant a tree every 10,000 pieces of leaflets posted.  
  • Our head office follows numerous environmental practices to reduce our carbon footprint which include 100% renewable electricity, recycled paper for office use, implementation of a recycling program and much more. We are always looking for sustainable solutions in our environmentally conscious work environment.
  • We offer clients the option to have their leaflets printed on recycled paper
  • Our company vans are blue efficient vehicles to reduce our car emissions whilst transporting leaflets and distributors to areas across London.
  • If you’re worried about the environment and nature, and the impact that a leaflet distribution campaign may have, rest assured that the team at LGG Marketing have and will continue to provide an environmentally friendly door to door service 


  • We aim to serve and support our clients by providing helpful information, assistance that they need when it comes to media advertising.
  • We provide a great customer service by guiding our customers needs to the relevant leaflet distribution service and budget.
  • For our clients, we offer free advice and transparency. We’re here to help you have the most successful door to door campaign possible. If you find that a leaflet distribution works for your business you will book in again, a win-win situation for both parties. 
  • For our distributors, we provide a full trial, as well as support during the working term. Additionally, we hold company parties to ensure that there is constant interaction between the company and our distributors.  

Why is it important to replant after tree removal?

To reduce the rate of global warming

The presence of trees slows down global warming. In part, this is due to their capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the air. In this regard, each tree is vital to stemming the damaging effects of global warming, and thus removing even one tree accelerates global warming.

To support the local ecosystem    

There are numerous benefits that trees provide to the local ecosystem, including shade, food, and shelter for birds, native animals, insects, and various other organisms that can survive in trees. The replanting of trees will eventually contribute to the support of the local ecosystem, which supports the local wildlife

You can check out our different leaflet distribution services, here. If you’re ready to use Local Green Guide for your next campaign, then get a Blanket Door to Door Leaflet Distribution Quote now!