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Bring prosperity to your election door to door campaign with your political leaflet

With May fast approaching, it brings new beginnings for change and development. On the 5th of May 2022 local residents will vote for their preferred electoral candidate. The Local Elections will be happening in all 32 London Local Authorities, bringing 1817 new councillor seats who have the potential to create new opportunities and change to their local community. Independent and local parties only have a short time frame, up to the 4th May 2022 to market and collect as many votes as possible. It’s with great pleasure to work with many local parties and independent candidates, to help them distribute their message to the community. At LGG, we are the door to door canvassing company that can guarantee you, reliability!

We can help generate change by ensuring YOUR message is posted through the letterboxes within your ward in a fast and accurate manor. It’s vital that residents know who is standing for councillor within their ward and understand what each local party represents, therefore, to popularise YOUR message, LGG Marketing is the right company to run your door to door leafleting.

Are you tired of being restricted by slow turnaround, capacity or not having the option to select specific roads for your campaign? You won’t feel limited when you work with LGG marketing. We can conduct large leaflet distribution campaigns to multiple wards in any of the 32 London boroughs or run bespoke door to door distributions in a short period of time. We also have the capacity to break down a ward to polling districts if you wanted to target individual polling areas. There will be no more waiting around for a response or being unable to meet distribution deadlines. We have a fast turnaround which will make sure your campaign is out and running to the community faster than what you expect it to be. Your local voters need to be informed of why you are the right leader for them, therefore, choosing the correct company to represent and post your manifesto and marketing needs is essential to increase votes.

  • Fast 24 hour turnaround
  • Fast, motivated teams
  • Managed distributions
  • Printing services
  • Select specific areas – wards, roads, polling districts

We understand that candidates have a marketing budget when running a political campaign and we can create a plan that suits your requirements. We can build a package that includes printing and leaflet distribution. Now did you know that we are able to beat over 83% of printing quotes presented to us. You can be guaranteed to get a great deal that will fit in your budget plan.

Now, don’t compare us to other companies because we are proud to be a green company, diverse and ethically aware. We don’t just wastepaper, we recycle and work with many environmentally friendly charities that help grow trees. If your campaign message has to do with helping the community and generating future change. Choosing an environmentally friendly company like us will help support your objectives. For every thousand leaflets you decide to distribute locally, you will also have made a good impact for the environment. Stop wasting time and call +44(203) 773 5835 or email to get a quote instantly and begin your journey of a successful campaign