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Consultation SPARKS Communication

A public consultation is an ideal avenue for marketing or communication companies to broadcast public announcements, traffic restrictions, road closures, government notifications or any important local changes or development to residents.  At LGG, we are able to build and execute your campaign hassle-free and efficiently. An account manager will be on hand to help plan and run your consultation campaign to maximise engagement with the general public.

At LGG Marketing we understand the importance of a consultation distribution and provide a booking process that is easy and very informative. Most of our clients request our express printing services whilst booking their consultation campaign as it streamlines their booking process dealing with one provider for all solutions. As a marketing company, we are proud to offer you our design, printing and distributing service. All you need to do is tell us what YOU want, and we will take care of everything to the highest standards possible. The consultation plan will be outlined by one of our professional account managers.

Within the initial enquiry, a bespoke map is created to outline the client’s boundaries and ensure that the properties that need to be notified are within the distribution area. Your account manager will investigate the requested consultation area and check to make sure that all properties are accessible.

A swift response will be provided on your public consultation enquiry that will include any specific details about your distribution, type of properties targeted i.e. households and businesses, bespoke map and quotes with the associated deadlines for artwork, payment etc. 

We offer a wide variety of printing services with different turnaround timeframes from standard to express. We also offer a same day printing which is extremely handy when a consultation project may be nearing its distribution deadline. The best aspect about our public consultation service is that we can print and distribute, you won’t have to suffer delays or disruptions that may affect your distribution that can occur when using multiple providers of printing and distribution services. With our express or same day printing services it allows us to offer you a last minute booking services. We have a range of leaflet or newsletter printing services which gives you a variety of print options to chose from such as various paper sizes, number of pages , different paper thickness and printing on environmentally friendly paper. Once we have provided you a quote, we will also provide the deadlines to submit your artwork. This is so we can print and deliver your consultation newsletter or leaflet on time.

Our specialised public consultation team are qualified and trained to get notifications through a resident’s letterbox. We utilise the fastest and latest live GPS tracking systems to ensure that the area is covered accurately and the software will highlight if a property was missed during the distribution. We understand the necessity to maintain a representable public image and our door to door distribution team provide a high level professional service. Your newsletter will be accurately delivered to the addresses within your chosen distribution area in a respectable manor. At LGG, we have a reputation of providing a successful and professional experience to our clients. Some of these clients include, Connect PA, Secnewgate, Serco, Socrates comms etc. We have also worked with many public sector bodies, multinational infrastructure organisations, communication liaisons and charity projects to a mutually beneficial outcome.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 0203 773 5835 or email us at . One of our professional consultants will discuss with you any queries that you have and clearly guide you towards the right path of a successful distribution.