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CREATE, INNOVATE AND PROMOTE: A successful leaflet distribution

Are you interested in understanding the importance of creating the right design for your leaflet?

Designing a leaflet requires a lot of attention to detail, it is those small details that will make you stand out and help you gain as much readership as possible in your leaflet distribution campaign.  The purpose of a leaflet is to inform consumers of your product/service and improve business visibility. Leaflets prompt potential customers to check out your business. If the leaflet is hard to understand or read, dull or unattractive or lacking a call to action it might lower your ROI and you miss the opportunity to gain new customers. Our experienced door to door distribution teams can post your leaflets through letterboxes of local residents but if your design doesn’t appeal to a resident then they will not read it. It is essential for the content printed on your flyer, magazine or mailing to be readable, eye catching and easy to understand. 

The first thing to do when designing your leaflet is to ensure you know what your goal is. Do you want your leaflet to inform people about your services or products or do you want to show your target audience why you stand out from other competitors?  Choosing the right objective will guide your leaflet design and content. Regardless of what your objective is, you should always try to aim to create a unique advertisement that differs from your competitors. Residents need to understand why they should choose YOU and a leaflet distribution is your chance to create, innovate and promote your marketing message. Quick tip, the key to creating a successful eye-catching leaflet is to ensure your headline and subheading text is CLEAN, BOLD and LARGE. The pictures that you use need to be high quality, vibrant images. You only have a few seconds to capture your next customer’s eye.

Create unique promotional material to increase engagement, innovate an original idea to stand out from your competitors and promote your brand and message to the right target audience.

The layout of the information in your flyer, magazine or leaflet plays a major role in the design, you don’t want your information to overwhelm the reader or the structure to be all over the place because it may result in losing the reader’s interest. Ensure that the text and images are structured in a way that will be easy to read and not lost in the folds. A call-to-action evokes a response and is a great way to motivate new customers to try your services/products. For example, discounts, offers or coupons for first time users may open opportunities for building a larger consumer base and help track your response rate. Before thinking about distributing your leaflets, ask yourself, if you saw your leaflet in front of your porch, does it stand out enough for you to pick it up? Without the right design, your leaflet will struggle to be recognized. If you are having difficulties innovating your leaflet, we have an excellent design team that can generate a design in line with the objective for you and your business.

Residents need to understand why they should choose YOU and a leaflet distribution is your chance to create, innovate and promote your marketing message

So now that we have discussed the design of the leaflet, another factor to consider with the creation of your leaflet is the importance of print quality. The eye-catching design has now grabbed the residents’ attention, but you must also consider the tactile response of your leaflet. The quality of the leaflet is the first impression that the resident will have of your brand. The thickness of your leaflet, paper type and finish all come into play. Your next doordrop campaign should target an area that has a high percentage of your target market. The quality of print should match your product and target audience I.e., high-end products should target an area with high disposable income and your leaflet should be a high-quality print on thick paper to provide a luxurious feel. Our team can help guide you through selecting the right print specification for your leaflet. We offer cheap and competitive print quotes.

The best designs have high quality, vibrant images and bright colour

Our customer service team is here to help guide you through your next leaflet distribution. If you need assistance with design, print or leaflet distribution you can call us today on 02037735835 or send an email to