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Power of Shared Distribution

Every business has a marketing budget but we understand that every budget varies. Why should you miss out on increasing your sales or attracting new clients to your business if you don’t have a massive marketing budget? A shared leaflet distribution in London can be the tool that can help boost your sales.

Shared distributions are an ideal direct marketing approach for any business. A double leaflet distribution is a cost effective method to broadcast your marketing message to a large volume of potential customers. A shared distribution helps increase the amount of doors your leaflet is put through for a lower outgoing price. The more people that are able to view your leaflet the greater impact your brand can generate.

People don’t tend to respond to something on first view, they need to see it over and over, which is known as drip effect marketing. You need to plan a long term campaign, tailored around your budget, which enables your flyer to target the right audience on a regular basis with actionable flyers.


New clients often tell us stories of a leaflet distribution going wrong or they state it wasn’t successful. When we ask a few questions they’re often unable to answer. Important questions to ask any distribution company is; the duration of distribution, number of distributors and how many leaflets and what industry will be posted alongside your leaflet. Not all distribution companies provide the same service. Typically, a cheap distribution price equates to a lower ROI. Remember the price provided needs to include all overhead costs i.e. wages for distributors, warehouse staff, office staff, transport of material, storage, tracking software and various other tools associated with a distribution. There are multiple factors that generate a successful leaflet distribution campaign and a company that is able to post leaflets accurately and efficiently can provide a higher ROI. We have a direct marketing package for every business, great customer service team ready to help and answer any questions and affordable prices for any budget.                                             

Benefits of Shared Double Distribution with LGG Marketing

  • Only Two Leaflets
  • Non-competing industries
  • Campaign completed within one to four days
  • Well paid, motivated staff

LGG Marketing shared double distribution will be posting only two leaflets through a letterbox and they will not be the same industry. We guarantee that the leaflets will be non-competing i.e. will NOT be two estate agents. A mistake many leaflet distribution companies make is that they put a leaflet inside another leaflet thus blocking the view of your leaflet, this is not something we do. When our high quality distributors deliver the leaflet through the letterbox they land separately. This will help resident engage with your marketing message.                                                    

Interested in reaching more customers? Enquire today about our shared leaflet distribution