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Leaflet Distributor Job Benefits

Are you thinking of working alongside your studies? Starting a part time job is a super common way to dip your toe into earning money without taking up too much time.  At LGG Marketing you have the ability to decide which days you’re available to work, we are flexible and can offer weekend work. Any extra days you’re available to work equates to more cash in your pocket.

Posting leaflets or flyers can be a constant stream of income until you make your next move in life and it provides a unique way to see London. A leaflet distribution job can provide insight into different areas in London which may change your mind in which area you want to live in. We hear comments from our distributors all the time about different areas and their future dream house that they have seen whilst posting leaflets. Want to see more of the UK? We cover the cost of travel and accommodation of these overnight stay distributions and you get paid to post leaflets in an area of the UK you have never seen before.

We only hire the best distributors and look for honest, positive attitude and professional behaviour in the interview process. We recruit and train all of our distributors in house to ensure that we can vet and weed out any distributors that don’t fit our company ethos. No experience is required to apply for the job because we train all new distributors to our high standard of work.

If you’re a hard working individual looking for a full time or part time job then apply today. A leaflet distribution job is a physical job that requires you to be on your feet for a long time, it isn’t for everyone, but if you’re the right fit then it’s a stress-free way to stay active whilst earning money.   

Sound good? Interview today, start tomorrow!!!