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Still operating during Covid-19 Pandemic!

We have and will continue to operate and post leaflets, flyers, magazines, newsletters, public consultation material to residents throughout London and surrounding areas during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Direct marketing methods such as leaflet distribution is a low cost, effective marketing approach especially during a lockdown because more and more people are working and staying home which increases your exposure rate. The impact of having your leaflet posted through a resident door may have huge returns for your business. If you are having a hard time reaching potential customers a door drop focused in your local area may be a powerful marketing tool.

A door to door distribution could be a pivotal form of communication between business and resident. It allows businesses a safe medium to communicate with local residents who may be less comfortable with technology, in social isolation or have no access to online platforms. All businesses, charities or organisations need to be able to communicate with all members of the public to provide reassurance and supply important information about services and updates.


Keeping Residents and Distributors Safe Whilst Posting

All of our team members that work out on the roads follow strict safety measures

  • Adhere to Social Distance Guidelines and avoid working in groups of more than 2
  • Avoid physical contact with team members and members of the public 
  • Gloves & masks are worn throughout the day 
  • Staff sanitise their hands with effective bacterial sanitisers at regular intervals whilst posting 
  • Leaflets are kept in closed boxes during transportation to keep them sanitary    
  • ID cards and uniform worn to identify themselves to residents and local authorities     
  • Staff with any symptoms are to be tested and need to self quarantine before returning to work
  • We are constantly reviewing government guidelines to ensure we keep our workforce safe and helping to stop the spread of the virus to keep our community safe.  

LGG Marketing offer a range of door to door distribution services throughout London which include Solus, Shared, Public Consultation, Direct Mail and many more. Contact our friendly customer service team today to discuss your next leaflet distribution.