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Printing & Design Specialists in London.
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GPS Tracked Leaflet Distributions

Our professional and reliable door to door leaflet distribution teams operate all over London and surrounding counties.

LGG Marketing is one of the fastest growing leaflet distribution companies in London. We cover all areas within the M25 and surrounding counties and offer full GPS tracked and managed distributions. We also design and print pretty much anything you can think of and conduct 5 star Bespoke and Consultation distributions. Is your current distribution company letting you down? Have your responses become stagnated? Get in touch today for an affordable, reliable and transparent distribution service and see just how different we are to the rest – you won’t be disappointed.

Call us on 0203 773 5835 or click here to fill in our simple contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Why choose LGG Marketing?

 Reliable, Transparent  Service

With over 30 years’ combined experience, we are experts in planning and executing marketing campaigns and cover all areas within London and its surrounding counties. We are innovating & changing the way distributions are conducted by using innovative techniques to improve efficiency and productivity. 

We offer a range of door to door distribution services such as Solus, Shared, Bespoke, Consultation, Direct Mail and Hand to Hand

Flexible Distribution Date

Our teams work all week, Monday to Sunday. This enables our clients to chose their preferred distribution day to ensure we are targeting residents on a day that best suits your industry. No extra fee for a weekend distribution. Our business model is to complete a distribution in one day further our teams start in the morning and work throughout the day

Fast, Motivated Teams

We recruit and train all our distributors and managers in-house. Generally our distribution athletes aim to hit a letterbox every 15 seconds increasing their productivity which  increase the scope of what we are able to do for you. We do everything possible to ensure our teams are happy, safe  and well looked after out on the roads.  

Live GPS Tracking

Our distributors are moving fast on the road so to keep track of our teams we ensure our teams have Live GPS tracking on every distribution. This helps our managers and office track every distribution. 


Want more? Okay! After your distribution (normally within 72 hrs) we provide you with full detailed report on the area we have covered for you, as well as the roads covered enabling you to track your responses & giving you data which can be used to plan future distributions or future marketing campaigns.

Managed Distributions

Coordinators are very important as they are on hand throughout the day to problem solve, support and ensure the distributors have what they need at all times, speak to any residents if necessary as well as track the distribution athletes via GPS on their iPads throughout the day conducting various checks along the way too.

Distribution in One Day

Need a distribution done in a day, no problem! We have the capacity to distribute over 100,000 leaflets each day. If you want your leaflets out in one day our teams are able to accommodate. We have found that this approach provides clients with the ability to accurately gauge their responses from the distribution.

Select Your Area

We use the best mapping software available and through this we are able to build maps and catchment areas solely focusing on the area or specific requirement you want to target.


To show you how well we treat our staff, how well they are trained, how we can guarantee you that all your media makes its way through your potential client’s letterboxes, we urge and invite you to free up an hour of your time and come and meet plus watch our teams in action in what we call a tag along for your peace of mind and as part of our total transparency policy.

Our Most Popular Services

Solus Leaflet Distribution

Want a private tailored campaign? Our team can help you through the whole process.

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Consultation Leaflet Distribution

We have the systems, infrastructure, tools and workforce to execute your bespoke campaign

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Cost Effective Digital and Litho Printing

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We’re Doing Our Part To Care For The Earth

Objective to replant a tree every 10,000 pieces of media posted

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102 886 671
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13 485
13 485

1 tree replanted every 8415 pieces of media posted
Objective is to replant a tree every 10000 pieces of media posted

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