Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We believe in respecting your privacy – it’s one of the five principles of the DMA Code, to which we hold our members accountable.

So we take your privacy on very seriously indeed. This privacy and cookie policy lays out our specific commitments, in compliance with and beyond the Data Protection Act 1998.

This policy covers your personal information on this website only. There are many links on to external sites beyond our control and we suggest that you always check the privacy policies of these sites before using them.

Your personal information

Collecting very specific, relevant information is a necessary part of us being able to provide you with the services and products that help you to grow your business success.

We will only use your personal information fairly and securely, and will never do anything with it (such as sharing it with any other party) that you have not clearly agreed to, or that could be considered irresponsible. We exist to promote the very best practices in marketing, and we will always live and work by them.

We’d sum it up by saying that we’ll only use your information for uses that can fairly be deemed to be in your best interests. This might be to provide you personally with a better service or it might be to promote our industry as a whole.

Other purposes might be to provide a tailored service, deliver a product you have ordered, filter out products that you are not interested in, filter DMA marketing and promotional activity, general administration, statistical analysis to help improve our offering or any other usage that is relevant, fair, honest, sensitive, responsible and respectful towards your privacy.

We will only use your personal information for the purposes we clearly state at the point at which you provide it to us – for example, when you register for one of our events, enter the DMA Awards, give us information over the phone or order any of our products or services.

We will only share your personal information with our employees, contractors, agents or professional advisors where it is necessary in order to fulfil a valid, stated purpose, as above.

You have the right to ask us for a copy of all your personal information that we hold. To make this ‘subject access request’, please write to the following address and include a fee of £10, as set by the Data Protection Act 1998 to cover an organisation’s handling costs, to:

The Database Manager
DMA (UK) Ltd
DMA House
70 Margaret Street

To help us to serve you to our best ability and your greatest benefit, and if you are happy for us to hold the information that we have, please confirm with us that it is correct or tell us if it’s not.

DMA marketing messages

Through your DMA account you can change your preferences to filter the medium, frequency and subject matter of the communications we send you. You can also opt-out of all of our one-to-one marketing communications.

Each and every marketing message we send you, whatever medium, will also include an appropriate and easy way for you to opt out of receiving further communications of that type.

To change your marketing preferences, go to your profile preferences here.

Third party messages

Third party organisations can provide services and products beyond those that we provide and can really help your business to prosper. For this reason we offer you the chance to hear from those organisations that we have vetted, know well, trust ourselves and can make a genuinely valuable offer to you.

But you are naturally free to opt out of these third-party messages at any point – whether at the point you give us your personal information or at any time after that. We will always aim to make this easy for you to do.

To change your third-party message settings, go to your profile preferences here.

Registering your employees with the DMA

When your company joins the DMA, we will ask you to register two employees as primary points of contact with us.

You will also need to appoint someone (whether one of the above two points of contact or a third employee) to act as Compliance Officer between your organisation and the DMA.

Unless you request otherwise, we will add these nominated representatives’ email addresses to our database to receive all DMA marketing and communication emails as part of their role. These representatives can change their communication preferences within their DMA profile at any time.

You can also add any other employees to receive our messages – but please make sure you have their permission first.


In order to provide you with the best, tailored experience of, our site will need to place small text files, or ‘cookies’, or you computer.

Most cookies that we use are ‘session’ cookies and only exist for the time that you are using our site. They perform functional tasks – such as remembering that you are logged as you move from page to page, or to pre-load your personal details into forms to save you time.

We also track cookies anonymously to fuel our site analytics and learn how to improve your experience and hone the relevance of our products and services.

We also use cookies in our emails to track open rates and other performance indicators – again, so that we can continually improve the relevance and experience of our offering to you.

We do not track you on any non-DMA website or communication.

You can set your browser to reject all cookies. Please note that if you do this then certain areas of this website will not be able to function for you. Choose a browser setting that rejects third-party cookies but allows the benign, functional ones that make the good stuff work. We’ve worked hard to make intuitive to your needs – why would you want to miss out?!

We also use technology that uses Internet Protocol (IP) information exchanges during the course of normal web activity combined with data-enhancement technology to get detailed analytics information. This doesn’t allow us to spy on you – it just allows us to see how well our site is working.

Notification of changes

If we update our website privacy policy, we will flag it up when you next visit the site.